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Background checks are a vital part of any effective hiring practice. Once an applicant has been deemed otherwise suitable for the position, a background check should be conducted to supplement the recruiting process. This is where S2Verify can help.

Effective background checks allow employers to make an informed decision. If the offense discovered in a background check would negatively impact the applicant’s ability to perform the job or put the company, its employees, and/or its customers at risk, then an employer should be able to use that information in the decision-making process.

Any company that does not screen its employees are operating with a large amount of risk, and S2Verify knows that when it comes to hiring new people, what you do not know can absolutely hurt you down the road. While some companies may avoid conducting background checks and screening their workforce because of the cost, it is nothing compared to the cost of hiring the wrong person.

S2Verify can conduct a proper and thorough background screening, which will not only rule out anyone with a criminal record, but make sure that the individual you are hiring is capable of carrying out the tasks related to the job without endangering other employees, customers, and any other company assets.


Background Checks for Teaching Abroad

Are you looking to teach abroad? Before you are accepted into a program abroad you will have to complete a lot of paperwork. One of the key documents to complete is a background check. Some countries do not require one but it always better to be safe than sorry.

Adoption Background Checks

Background checks are required for all adoptive parents. There are some cases that require much more than just a background check to successfully adopt. Make sure you have all your paperwork ready and are capable of completing all required materials.

Navigating the Legal Nuances of Background Checks

With more and more businesses today ensuring they are making the best possible hires by conducting background checks, the details and stipulations have since become much more demanding. With more programs like ‘Ban the Box’ and ‘adverse action’ arising to offset the...

S2Verify’s Purpose

Although it is recommended that companies take a proactive approach to background screenings, it is also important to understand that not all background check companies offer the same services. Reputable companies, like S2Verify, only operate using convictions. The reason that S2Verify only uses convictions is because arrests do not indicate whether or not the individual was actually convicted of the crime. Using an arrest record to deny employment is not only unethical, but also illegal because an individual may have been cleared of all the charges.

Furthermore, not all background check companies adjudicate at the local level. This means that many employers use a national criminal database search to screen their employees. This information is not always 100% accurate or complete. That is why S2Verify conducts background checks at the county level at no additional charge to verify that the information contained in the national database is correct and up-to-date. S2Verify understands that they have a responsibility, not only to the companies, but to the applicants as well to take the extra measures to ensure accuracy.

At the core of S2Verify’s approach is a new search algorithm that uses advanced artificial intelligence software to quickly analyze millions of unique data sources to give you the most complete information delivered in a format that is easy to understand and use in the decision-making process. We call this new service Actionable Screening Intelligence (ASI). As a leading new technology in the employment screening field, ASI provides an advanced means of integrating disparate data, software, adjudication matrices, and automated decision-support technologies.

Finally, many different factors come into play when choosing a screening package to use. There is not a one-size-fits-all screening package; each company and each job position requires a unique background screening to ensure that the applicant is suitable for the position. This is where S2Verify can help.

A job that requires an employee to handle company assets, such as finances, would most likely necessitate a federal criminal search. This background screening would cover crimes such as fraud, corporate crimes, money laundering, and counterfeiting. Meanwhile, a part-time retail job would most likely require a less extensive background check due to the high turnover in the industry. S2Verify knows that an extensive background check is not financially viable for an industry that is a virtual revolving door of incoming and outgoing workers.


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