Having your information travelling on the airwaves makes it highly susceptible to interception by third parties, so over the years a number of methods have been devised to make wireless networking more secure. Logical devices like bridges would need to be initiated either by telling all the physical device starter scripts which is the parent logical device or by adding them to rc. Now it’s time to start dnsmasq. Besides that I have it parse and enable before serving the page … so if you don’t physically have the page that enables the remote administration a is returned anyway leaving no clue as to waht was done in response to that request. The sshd server is started after networking so no need to restart that now.

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We need to modify rc.

– madwifi-driver

I’ve also tinkerering with network config files and kernel modules etc but to no avail. Here’s an example of spackware that recently gave me a headache over a long weekend after migrating from the seagate dockstar to RPi2. Visit Didier Spaier’s homepage! Now it’s time to bridge together wired and Wireless NICs.

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networking – How to get Atheros arx wireless adapter working under Debian Linux? – Super User

I’m not going to miss my old low end AP, are you? I’ve tried all sorts of things but obviously on a live CD installing software is limited. If I am right you can downloading it from git with this link.

Recent Drivers  FOXCONN RC4107MA S2 DRIVER

Typical wireless networks operate on 11 different frequencies. Oracle Unbreakable Linux 2. Athreos of the other options are the same.

Setting up a WiFi Access Point on your Slackware Box

Having a problem logging in? Slacckware Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I then pulled out a better quality power supply for the Pi and everything still worked fine. Tags aratheros Thread Tools. In most cases the modules for your wireless NIC get automatically loaded so that should not be an issue. Now let’s have a look at how to configure everything to that it will work right.

It can be intermittent because the path your packets take to arrive to any destination on internet is not always the same dew to the necessity of fault tolerance. In order to connect to even the most basic wireless network, you will have to setup these two pieces of information, and possibly others, before setting up things like the WNIC’s IP address.

Contact, corrections and suggestions: If you’re predominately using the console, simply run wicd-curses from your command line.

Wireless networking

Configuring it is something you should look into to suit best your networking needs … let’s just look at some of the most common tings. Wireless networking is by its very nature less secure than wired networking.


Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system. If your ISP gives you some sort of traffic quota you may want to add some quotas to your firewall configuration.

An update called WPA2 offers even stronger protection. Early distributions which picked it up.

We’re going to do everything on the command line:. For more information please see: Low end AP’s also support WEP, but there’s lonux issue with it’s implementation that makes it very vulnerable search wep vulnerability and read more about it or just believe me that even with an extremely low performance machine you can crack WEP keys.

Be warned that the logger facility is not yet functional in the early boot stages so it may not log the interface startup at boot time. Including Calculate, Slackware, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, Debian and all the spinoffs of each of the aforementioned distributions.

If you already run bind or dhcp server you probably know how to get them working for the AP anyway. Let’s not make our WiFi with a hidden ssid.