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Perhaps one of the most important positions to guarantee competency in, security guards of all types are given the responsibilities of ensuring the safety of their coworkers, the staffs of buildings in which they work, and any visitors. Conducting background checks on security guards is crucial for your entire workforce, as they will need to effectively protect people under their care, and come without liabilities that may prove troublesome down the road.

Those in the security field are trusted to perform an array of duties depending on the nature of the job. The two most important however, are to observe and report. Security guards are given the task of screening and receiving visitors upon entry, and evaluating any messages or packages delivered. Additionally, scanning specific areas around buildings or lots to look for any potential hazards while on patrol are just as vital. Some findings may include unauthorized visitors on the premises, hazardous terrain that could pose as dangerous to anyone nearby, or broken or damaged systems within or outside the building.

Any unusual activity, or no activity at all should be reported at the end of the day by the guard on duty. Relaying information clearly and promptly is another very important responsibility of security guards. Because they are the first line of defense, members of this staff will need to be alert, emotionally sound, and physically able to perform all of the necessary duties, all of which can be verified through a background check. Any issues an applicant may have had in the past involving mental health or self control may not be suitable to handle a security guard position.

In addition to looking into the effectiveness of applicants, background checks can verify one’s credentials. To become a security guard, the first steps of eligibility include being at least 18 years of age, have no criminal history, and complete the required training which varies from state to state. Online training is an option for those who may have difficulty finding a training facility nearby, which entails 8 hours of online videos and explanations, and an exam to follow. Upon completion, a security guard’s credentials will be verified by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, which a background check should further authenticate.

Companies and business owners should put the safety of their employees first, and conducting background checks before hiring members of their security staff is the first step. Depending on the size and nature of your company, licensed security guards may suffice, or further training may be necessary. For example, guards required to handle firearms or protected deliveries should be thoroughly analyzed for effectiveness and trustworthiness. Before making the decision to hire those in charge of keeping you and your employees safe, be sure to run background checks and verify their capabilities in order to avoid putting anyone in danger.