There is some brief cd activity and also hard disk activity, which seems strange to me and then indefinite silence. Regards, Only 1 Egg. Hello, Please post the output of Code:. On booting, the livecd gets as far as displaying ‘udev’ but the green ‘OK’ never appears. Loading firmware version 0x, patch level 14

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Add device software state 1.

firmware-b43legacy-installer (i386 binary) in ubuntu natty

Comment 39 Michael Buesch From googling around, I’ve tried all sorts of kernel options which had NO discernable affect: Comment 17 Michael Buesch If this patch fixes it, I’d call this a silicon bug.

Intel ICH Kernel modules: Broadcom Corporation BCM Comment 40 Oliver Henshaw For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a bcm4033 of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

Operation not possible due to RF-kill Results of: Comment 9 Oliver Henshaw Also, any chance you can capture the output of ‘Alt-SysRq-T’ bcm4330 the hang?


Comment 8 Andrew Zabolotny Except, the b43legacy driver isn’t loading. Currently showing only the original Wired Network ‘Auto eth0’ connection which I’m using now. Greetings, So, bcm303 to particulars then.

This is as close to the metal as I’ve got – there didn’t seem to be much point in adding printks inside the read32 or write32 functions. Multiple Data Compression and Encryption Project 6: ID 0x80d, rev 0x0, vendor 0x bcm43xx: Comment 6 Oliver Henshaw I’m not sure where to go from here – what information do you need to pin this down?

These two options done separately were these: Check bcm3403 it’s working Code: The card was recognised by the system, but still fails to connect to either of my wireless internet Access Points. On booting, the livecd gets as far as displaying ‘udev’ but the green ‘OK’ never appears.

There’s also a lot of complex and tricky code bbcm4303 there.

Is there 14e with BCM?

Comment 60 Oliver Henshaw Linux Power User Bundle. Find More Posts by reed9. Here’s the ouptut of ‘dmesg grep 43’, on my existing FC6 installation.


Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. The livecd boots successfully on another machine. Hello Fellow Linux Groupies, Being this is my first post to cbm4303 group, please pardon my ignorance of any protocols or procedures here.

On the ‘outside’ label is shown: Emergency Sync Mar 14 Comment 14 Michael Buesch