You want them to have the following settings:. I wasn’t able to get this working; MythTV was able to change the tuner’s channel and try to pull the stream, but didn’t save anything to disk. It goes without saying that you should back up your system, and your MythTV database, before trying this. Then click “Set Channel. We have to say we couldn’t believe how great it felt to look at our scheduled recordings for the next two weeks and not see a single conflict.

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe – 4-channel Cable TV Tuner Card for CableCARD

Try a few other channels on the web interface as well, and repeat the experiment. Your video source, in the United States, is probably “us-cable”. From around the web. Infinltv to that, there will be a link for the Host ID or Pairing Information screen the exact wording will vary depending on your cable operator’s configuration.

Once the above is done, you should test output using mplayer as per the README’s instructions that came with the cetin. It took several tries by the Comcast representative before they were able to get the new card up and running.

You can always go for “try-all” if you’re not sure, but it will take awhile.

Type the following from the command line works in Ubuntu, at least:. Copy Freely 0x00 really means the recordings are DRM free. Due to differences between cable companies, the exact channels you are able to receive with MythTV can vary.

You can even set tuner priorities per channel, which works great for combining CableCARD tuners with clear QAM because you can set the clear QAM tuner to a higher priority on the select few channels that are sent in the clear. If not, you can do it after getting the device set up.


Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner review

In fact the hardest part will probably be convincing your cable company that your PC can accept the card — we suggest that you tell the nice gent on the phone that you have a TiVo. Also understand that RC scripts vary from distro to distro, so while it is possible that this RC script will work on Debian-based distributions other than Ubuntu, it is probably also true that it will not work on Redhat or other distros without extensive modification. Installation The InfiniTV 4 works exactly like you’d expect; you pop open the case and drop it into a free PCI-E 1x or higher slot, load a simple driver, call your cable company and ask them to bring a multi-stream CableCARD S-cards do exist but are rare at this point and connect the coax cable.

If you’re infiniv Ubuntu, this is an add-on package that won’t convert your entire system to a new distro. This ensures a tuner is always available for the encrypted channels.

cfton The biggest challenge for this will be the additional required packages that ctntad requires in order to complete a successful build. A few online searches reveled that it is actually a pretty common issue with other 3rd party CableCARD devices.

Notice the CCI is set to Copy Freely 0x00 and the next is so you can look at each of the four tuners. For kernel versions 4. If you would like to access the tuner from a machine that isn’t your MythTV backend either by choice or because you have toyou can “port-forward” the web port using SSH.

This card is incompatible with MythTV versions earlier than 0. You’ll have to pay a small annual fee for this.

Ceton InfiniTV 4

When I was using MythTV 0. This will populate the MythTV database with all of your channels and shows. It might take a good 30 minutes to run. To obtain the information they will ask you, go to the IP address for the card and select CableCARD from the horizontal menu at the top. We feel confident saying this based on only a few weeks of use and we admit that there are many other scenarios to consider. Also be sure to add ctn0 to the end of the “auto” line so that it will be brought up automatically when the system boots.


Feel free to download and use this script if you’d like. This might sound difficult, but it’s really pretty simple and only has to be done once. We mean who wouldn’t get excited about being able to record 4 HD shows at once and from any channel you want?

Ceton InfiniTV 4 – MythTV Official Wiki

At some point during the install three sets of numbers will show up on the screen, your friendly cable installer calls ’em in, and with any luck you’ll be enjoying the same HD goodness as those with a leased set-top box can — other than video on demand anyways. It can’t get a lock and I can’t view anything — The key infijitv will be the codes: I made sure I could test drive several channels that weren’t working before we finished.

Building OSS is beyond the scope of this article since it can be a very different process on any given Linux distro.