Once these frames have been removed the card and heatsink will properly fit into the notebook and will be secured without any issues. The given touchpad is sufficient for an occasional mobile use of the notebook, anyway. In order to squeeze even the last point out of the notebook, the originally employed graphic driver 7. Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. For a system with such an impressive configuration we knew something must have been broken or badly configured. The display reaches a maximum brightness of

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Toshiba Qosmio G45 2. Thermal performance of this notebook was above average and very up to the task of keeping the system under cool under stress.

Not until under loadthe fan speed increases step by step depending on the demand and the notebook can thereby get really loud. The built in keyboard turns out adequate, Where do I find drivers for my new VGA card? Dell XPS M 2. It won’t really be the “compact, mobile” case, which will provide for special interest in the XMG5.

For example, the PCMark Vantage bit synthetic benchmark produced a score of 3, … m8600tu performance. After the graphic driver update this result increased to a good Otherwise, we can also refer to the already existent test at this point. The battery runtime in the BatteryEater Reader’s test was better.


AVADirect Clevo M860TU Review

In the practical WLAN test energy savings mode, max. These small mods will have no ill effect on the notebook. Clevo already presented a new 15 inch barebone which can also be equipped with very powerful graphics cards at the CeBit in Hannover this year. This is m80tu attractive in regards to money for value with a surcharge of only When idling around typing or surfing the web the lcevo fan operated at a near silent speed, as there was not much heat energy to expel from the system.

Regarding design Clevo chose simple lines and decent colours.

Review mySN XMG5 (Clevo M860TU) Notebook

Cine4D users should keep up with the most current state, in view of an increase of points to points with the new driver. Price deterioration can first be counted with as clrvo as the DDR3 chips are more common and the production capacities have increased accordingly.

This is also shown impressively in the 3DMark benchmark comparison, in which the mySN XMG5 delivers a good presentation with I am guessing stock drivers severely under-clocked the graphics card for a driver update to cause that much of a difference. You can Pay with: My only temporary solution was to angle the notebook in my lap so the weight pressed against the plug and kept it securely plugged in.

Colors are crisp and vibrant, contrast is wonderful, and black levels are very clean. You can choose between rpm and rpm models with a gross capacity of up to GB or Solid State Drives with a capacity of up to GB.


CLEVO MTU / SAGER NP Upgrade Price List

However, the disadvantage of this is the high noise level under load. The performance clearly goes to the expense of the soundscape, though. The enter key is double-spaced too, at least in the German keyboard layout model. Backlight intensity is bright enough to be perfectly readable in an office environment. The drivers of this graphic card are especially tuned for CAD applicationsthrough which the performance is to be positioned considerably over that of the single consumer versions.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 2.

The loose AC power jack was more than just a minor annoyance, continuously disconnecting while the laptop was on my lap. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

The plastics used throughout the body and trim feel very solid and should hold up quite well over the life of the notebook. When running computer games, we measured an average clrvo level of The colour calibration of the display with Spyder 3 Elite Tools by Datacolor displays an originally somewhat too cool colour representation of this display.