All other drivers function fine. I stumbled upon this on some random forum that I cannot remember the URL to but it was for a different model laptop. We can chalk this one up to the famous “one driver fits all” theory. After getting the compound of your choice, squeeze a rice-sized blob of compound to the top of the CPU, and reseat the heatsink. However, I have found that instead of re-installing the video drivers again you can just browse to the folder when the new hardware wizard comes up and it will find it there.

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I have contacted Dell about this and since I am loading our own copy of XP they cannot help me. By katitude in forum Computers and Peripherals. The max range of the WiFi signal of the laptop is approximately ft. To fix this problem follow the repair guide given to access and remove the soknd and use a can of compressed air to blow air through the space between the fan and vent.

Follow the given instructions from there to complete the process.

To update your driver, visit this website. I stumbled upon this on some random forum that I cannot remember the URL to but it was for a different model laptop.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. The max range of the Bluetooth signal of the laptop will vary depending on the device, though most Bluetooth devices will have a range of about 33 ft. An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. If the laptop’s brightness is needed and the battery is still draining at at faster rate than intended, the next step would be for the user to deell off antennas controlling WiFi and Bluetooth.


I have restarted the computer between installation of each just to try proving myself wrong. Want to keep up with the hottest industry headlines? Make sure that the auxiliary cord is fully plugged into the audio jack and that the headphones function properly with another device before searching for a deeper issue.

Dell Latitude E no sound

I then re-ran the video driver install and it showed the audio portion there. If the material is dry or crusty, it needed to llatitude replaced.

The time now is Connection to access points is poor, or nonexistent, and results in slow or no access to the network. Penton Media Community Leaders: If headphones are being used, the audio can tend to either sound choppy or not be coming through at all, even though the sound plays out loud on the laptops speakers. Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome student from lahitude education program made this wiki. However, the strength of the signal will quickly drop off the farther the device is until there is no signal and the signal strength depends on the number of walls in the way of the devices.

If you wish to update your audio, scroll down the categories to select ‘Audio’ and download the update. If there is no signal at all to any networks, the driver for the device may have either malfunctioned, or is not installed.


Drivers for sound cards for Dell Latitude E5500 laptops | Windows XP x86

If I may ask, how did you finally find this? Audio driver issues on Dell Latitude E Using programs that heavily use lots of memory, also use lots of power. If you have another computer and a removable storage device, like a flash drive, use that computer and go to this site and download the appropriate Bluetooth driver by checking for the correct operating system.

I have installed the drivers in the following order Recommended by Dell: The device is physically hot to the touch, causing poor performance or random system shutdowns. This will clear dust from the heatsink fins and clear up the exhaust vent.

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Too little can result in poor heat transfer, and therefore, overheating. If there is no signal at all, the Bluetooth card may be damaged or otherwise nonworking and will need to be replaced. Move the device closer to the access point or move the access point closer to the device for improved signal strength.

Too much will cause the compound to spill over to the motherboard, and can cause damage.