Click Start , and then click Run. Find a way to install the devices so that the cables reach their connections using the standard length cable. Unplug the IDE cable, determine pin-1 for all plugs, and reconnect the cable. How does HP install software and gather data? Please refer to documentation for any IDE devices in question. Pin 1 is identified by the colored stripe along one edge of the data cable. Type sysedit and then click OK.

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Turn the computer on. Anything longer than this will tend to degrade the signals coming down the lines of the cable. Make cr that one device is jumpered as master, and one is jumpered as slave. Some computer covers will not have screws and in these instances, there are levers on the covers to lock writef unlock the case. Introduction Installing an internal device on the IDE Integrated Drive Electronicschannels inside the computer can become confusing; especially when there are numerous devices already attached to these channels.

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How does HP install software and gather data? Each manufacturer has its own specifications for this. Data cable connector on back of drive pin positioning. The devices should redetect after the jumpers are set correctly.

Find a way to install the devices so that the cables reach their connections using the standard length cable. Try switching the cable connections of the two devices. As long as both devices are jumpered to Cable Select, the devices should work properly, but again, it is better to use a standard IDE cable, like the one that ships with most of the HP drives to avoid potential issues.


Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. The small plastic plug is placed on the vertical pairs of pins from left to right to make the desired selection. If two devices are already in connected to the secondary IDE channel, move one of those devices to the slave position on the primary IDE controller with the hard drive.

HP DVD and CD-Writer Drives – Hardware Installation Instructions for an Internal IDE Model

When using a standard IDE cable, one device must be jumpered as slave and the other as master. Javascript is disabled in this browser. The reference manual for the computer has information on how to remove the cover. For information on changing drive letter assignments, click here. IDE cable is too short The IDE specification requires that the cable be inch from the motherboard to the first plug, and 6-inch from the middle plug to the end writee.

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Type sysedit hpp then click OK. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Some problems that can be seen from incorrect cabling include no device detection, misdetection of either device on a shared cable, slow system boot up, system halts while booting, and loss or misdetection of devices on the other IDE channel.


Since there is no universal standard, each IDE device has its own configuration for these jumper pins. Pin 1 is identified by the colored stripe along one edge of the fd cable.

Check the documentation for the sound card for information. Another cause could be a real-mode DOS driver loading in the Config. The following procedure will help you disable a possible incompatible driver.

Europe, Middle East, Africa. Click Startand then click Run.

Not all sound cards will support more than one device at a time. To determine what each vertical pair cs52 pins represents on another IDE device, refer to the documentation that came with that device.

Verify the jumper settings on the other IDE device on the secondary controller. Common problems and solutions. Attach the cables Power cable The power plug can only be inserted in the correct direction, because the plug has a trapezoidal shape that prevents it from being inserted incorrectly H; 2.

Screen displays an error and Windows will not start This can be associated with the jumper pin location of the two IDE devices on a given channel. Locate a drive slot.