I can put it my shirt pocket and be happy even. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. On the left side of the device is a button for quickly accessing the dictation software and turning on the microphone for recording. We suggest a pen-based stylus, but we have a feeling you’ll go with the tip of your middle or index finger instead. The iPaq is sold through consumer channels, so any device you see in the local retail store or online at Amazon. Archived from the original on 14 May And the included stylus may be a bit too small for some users.

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Few pockets can’t accommodate this slim little number. Like the H, the Poxket measures 4. Lane Ann Livermore Gary M. Support for handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard, bluetoothIrDA and add-on hardware such as keyboards are standard in both environments.

Returns If you have an issue, please contact us through p first before leaving feedback. Those gripes aside, this is a sweet handheld that will appeal to those who can live without the iPaq H’s extra expansion slot. My personal observation is that this chip is not only fast, but very power efficient as well.

HP throws in an image viewer, but one also comes with the new OS.

I like using the Bluetooth for such things as partnering my Bluetooth enabled Sony Ericsson t68i cell pokcet with the iPaq A broad range of feat ures, Bluetooth, expansion capabilities, and multimedia make it essential for you to be productive at home, at work or on the go.


According to HP, the estimated usage time of a fully charged battery is up to 8 hours. The bright transflective screen offers an image that’s pretty pretty.

With integrated Bluetooth 1, connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. Archived from the original PDF on May 17, Sounds great but lacks vision. It has been common in many past Pocket PC models with both reflective and transreflective screens that a bluish or yellowish hue is present, due to the cast of the frontlight reflective screens or backlighting transreflective screens source.

As such, the status and fate of the iPAQ line is unclear.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s All items are shipped with tracking. On devices with added storage primarily microdrives there was a modified port of Debian called Intimate. A built in wireless communication standard was viewed as being the add-on that would make a like device lc amazing PDA.

We suggest a pen-based stylus, but we have a feeling you’ll go with the tip of your middle or index finger instead.

HP iPaQ H TFT Color LCD Pocket PC PDA Unit 64MB H H Series Blutooth | eBay

When playing MP3 files with backlight turned on the gave me about lasted 3h 45 mins of play. They take pride in their ability to add new items daily to our store and provide extremely fast shipping. The navigation control hides the speaker. Sound is quite good; supposedly the Windows Media Player upgrade raised the quality. Bluetooth is here, and the top-notch transflective, 65,color, TFT screen is the same one found on the H and this year’s other iPaqs.


Visit manufacturer site for details. I like the iPaqI really do, but I feel that the issue with the yellow screen is a real letdown by HP.

REVIEW: HP iPaq h1940 and iPaq h1945 Pocket PCs

The one you’ve been waiting for. This unit still retains the super compact form-factor of the h, but is packed with additional features and power.

The SDIO expansion ipaqq allows customers to do even more with the iPaq Pocket PC by adding not only memory cards but also wireless cards, digital cameras and other features in the future. Bill Hewlett David Packard. The cradle used for the device is the same as thethe cradle has an additional slot for charging spare batteries at the same time the unit is being charged.

As of Aprilno new models have been announced.