In the case of Telus some equipment is free if you sign a three year rental agreement. It does not make sense. March 31, at RoyalFarmer Level 1 Contributor 6 Answers. But I have since then switched to U-Verse I have been told by my cable supplier that Motorola is aware of this problem and are trying to solve it. Originally Posted by TNO

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How to use a Motorola DVR/Firewire – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The fan will turn on and off periodically throughout the night causing a whirring noise while the hard drive will make a moyorola noise or muted spinning noise from time to time during the night especially if you are recording a program at night. Recording HD broadcasts onto my hard drive. January 25, at A couple of other things — your hard drive needs to be formatted in Windows FAT32 format Give these things a try and let us know how you made out.

Does Ffirewire broadcast in p in Edmonton?

When I did the setup I was online with Shaw in Vancouver. December 29, at With one cable clearly HDMI is more convenient to hook up and leaves little room of error firewirw wrong connections.

Motorola DCX | HDTV DCT

Sat Nov 12, 5: Now as long as the transmitting signal resolution stays the same at P both the rcx3400 box and TV remain synced however if you change the cable box channel to a NON HD Channel or a HD Channel transmitting in a different resolution or a different source such as a DVD player the HDMI, HDCP Handshake, authentication protocol and then approval and SYNCing needs to occur all over again which is cdx3400 you see the blue or black screen for a few moments at the Display and Cable Box or DVD player communicate with each other to determine the new resolution and display and transmission requirements.


The guy who wrote the original 32 bit drivers that dcx34000 use for Windows seemingly has no interest in producing 64 bit drivers.

They also seem to go out of their way to satisfy their customers — this was my main reason for choosing HTC when we moved down to SC. June 29, at 2: Not all programming on HD channels is broadcast in i, in fact MOST HD programming in Canada is p and some programs are streamed in only p and some in i, I am not aware of any p broadcast programming from any source satellite, internet, optik tv, cable. Thats a notorola idea June 29, at 9: Jim there is no way to remove, transfer or copy the recordings from the hard drive of your original DVR.

If you wish to avoid the HDCP just hook up via component video as you are currently doing now and everything will work the same as it is now however the cable box will have a faster processor and motprola hard drive.

How to use a Motorola DVR/Firewire

Your description of HDMI handshaking was a good read. June 12, at 3: The story behind this is that Motorola changed hardware vendors for the Firewire chipset when moving from their DCH cable boxes to the DCX cable boxes The best solution is to go back to Component Video if you can.


This is not a technological motorlla but an engineering choice once again brought about by the content providers movie industry to restrict P motorla to HDMI copy protected devices only.

I have no intention of stealing or re-distributing. You could be the first! In this scenario the only way to make this work is to connect all the video sources directly to the TV which is HDMI 1. Contact Us VideoHelp Top.

This site is best viewed while logged in. Originally Posted by jriker1. Well, it seems the only way to get recorded materal out is via the component out of the DCX I do have one question.

I used to have a DVD recorder which could record for a Motorola DCT cablebox however most movies and some broadcast shows would fade in and out and the audio would drop in and out due to copyguard. It is the very same format that is transmitted to your cable box.

December 29, at 3: Is this a handshaking issue as well? HDMI is an active powered signal and carries a 5V power with it to keep the handshake alive at all times.

Your can see the extra HD and directory while the receivers are programmed just to look for the main directory which is the internal hard drive inside the DCX