Based on Vehicle Code VC a , you can be charged with a misdemeanor if you fail to appear in court or miss the court date listed on the issued ticket. Evading a Police Officer Laws February 26, Therefore, showing an AB60 license to an officer should not result in an arrest for unlawful presence. The DMV’s current policy is not to pursue criminal prosecution of someone who used false information in the past as long as doing so did not cause any harm. An exception is if it is the driver’s third or subsequent charge. Thanks California Ticket King

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Re quest A Free Consultation Unless the defendant is a repeat offender, most prosecutors will allow the defendant to postpone a case and obtain a California driver’s license. This reasoning is outdated given that DMV records are readily accessible to prosecuting agencies.

The information unlixensed herein is not legal advice. A massive ticket was prevented.

Therefore, showing an AB60 license to an officer should not result in an arrest for unlawful presence. California Vehicle Code VC penalizes unlcensed who drive without having been issued a current, valid license at all. It can be punished by:. She was charged with the offense when it was discovered that she is not eligible to apply for a driver license in California because of her immigration status.


See Vehicle Code d 2: Such people must obtain a California license before they can drive for work. There are unlicejsed exceptions for people driving certain official vehicles. The maximum period during which that nonresident may operate a motor vehicle in this state without obtaining a driver’s license is limited to a period of 10 days immediately following unliicensed entry of the nonresident into this state except as provided in subdivision b of this section.

Vehicle Code section defines driving without a license as follows:. She explains the situation and vvc officer lets her off the hook for speeding. Last updated on August 26, by Diana Aizman, Esq. An AB 60 license lets people drive legally in the state provided they meet all other qualifications such as insurance and passing a driver’s test.

California Vehicle Code Section 12500 VC: Driving Without A License

But even then, the charge will usually be dismissed as long as the driver presents the court with a license that was valid at the time of the arrest. For any knlicensed these scenarios, the police and the prosecutor can charge you as an unlicensed driver. Vehicle Code a 2. This usually results in a dismissed charge or, at the most, an infraction.

Pretty clear if you ask me. Post With Both Sidebar. People un,icensed get a California driver license within 10 days of becoming a California resident.

Vehicle Code VC – “Driving without a license” – California law

In order to prove that a defendant is guilty of driving without a license, a prosecutor must be able to prove following elements: I provided dash cam footage on a special Zip drive and he didn’t even use it.


The license expires and he continues to drive despite the expiration.

To prove that you are guilty of this offense, the prosecutor has unlicsnsed prove the following facts or elements In some cases, a person is accused of CVC a when he or she has a valid foreign jurisdiction license. They got my ticket dismissed with almost no involvement from me. This man would not be guilty of driving without a 15200 because he would be excused from the requirement of having a California license.

Many clients actually save money because they have hired our law firm. I should’ve just set the dollars that Scott charged me on fire. We have the knowledge and skill needed to get your case dismissed, acquitted, or substantially reduced.

Whether the defendant was or was not properly licensed is a matter peculiarly within [his] [her] own knowledge. Our traffic attorneys are the best in the business because: California Employment Laws A to Z.