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In recent news, the certification of teachers in Maine has been called into question, as it was made known that state education officials are unaware if educators have passed criminal background checks, or possess the necessary credentials to teach children at all. This brought forth the subject of verifying teachers to ensure that children are being cared for in a safe academic environment.

Education Verifications are meant to validate an educator’s degree or GED earned from a creditable school, and are vital in determining the credentials that teachers may or may not possess. Though some may have a fair amount of educational experience, the idea that previous schools have vetted all teachers is not guaranteed.

Typically, schools conduct background checks when the potential teacher is entering his or her first position as a full-time educator. Assuming no negative actions have been done by those between the time of their first position and their most recent is unwise. Though their criminal histories may not have changed, teachers can exhibit inappropriate behavior that may have been noted by their peers. Running a background check on educators is key regardless of their past experience to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

A student’s development relies heavily on the effectiveness, care, and intelligence of his or her teacher. To allow an educator with less than impressive qualifications to teach young minds is simply irresponsible. Common characteristics of those who are underqualified include minimal interaction with students themselves, failing to express enthusiasm in what they teach, or disrespect within the school in general. Students taught by one who is enthusiastic, clear, and involved tend to score higher on tests, and show more interest in the classroom. Hiring teachers that possess these qualities promotes a well rounded education for those being taught.

When hiring educators, background checks and verification processes should always be conducted. Guaranteeing students the best education possible should always be a consideration for those in the position of making that decision, and to allow someone to teach who would provide anything less would be careless. Perform the proper tasks necessary to establish a strong foundation within the classroom, starting with the assurance that those teaching will be nothing but beneficial for students.