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An obvious consideration for most employers seeking to expand their teams is verifying the pasts of those that could soon become members. Conducting background checks on interviewees before choosing to hire is a practice that should be implemented by all companies. However, assuming the candidate passes this screening, many businesses fail to follow up with post-hire background checks; a strategy that could greatly benefit employers that wish to maintain an effective, safe workplace.

To begin, post-hire background checks are required by law in a number of states. Certain fields like public transportation and medical industries must conduct annual background checks on all employees. This not only helps those in managerial positions to ensure their employees are efficient, but it also aids in the safety of patients and clients. For example, an Emergency Medical Technician who holds the responsibilities of driving an ambulance would not get away with receiving a DUI outside of work. Those who hold the lives of others in their hands on a regular basis should be verified of their skill in order to avoid putting anyone in danger.

A damaging claim for any business is that of “negligent retention.” This occurs when a company allows an employee to continue working despite that employee having committed a crime, or exuded dangerous characteristics in any way. If your business is not required to run post-hire background checks, this is something worth considering. In order to avoid being labeled as directly liable for a careless, inattentive employee, conduct annual screenings to stay up to speed with your team’s happenings.

When considering promotions within the workplace, background checks should be refreshed, as this is essentially a change in responsibility for the employee who receives the higher position. Assuming more than one candidate is being considered for a promotion, being updated on all of their histories could mitigate potential risk, and help in choosing the right person for the job. Allowing an employee to take the reigns on larger projects who may be experiencing a troubling personal life can be irresponsible, and detrimental to your business.

Perhaps the most important reason for conducting annual background checks is to ensure the safety and security of you and your employees. For companies within the public service industry, this is even more crucial. Employees in this field are scrutinized for every decision made, and how they or the company chooses to handle it directly reflects on their professionalism and level of care. With that said, both periodic and random checks on all employees can help guarantee your staff’s efficiency, as well as show the public that you care, enhancing your business’s reputation regardless of the service you provide.

In conclusion, conducting post-hire background checks regularly on all employees is a great way of ensuring those who work for you are maintaining their capabilities, and providing your customers the best possible goods or services. Though your company may not be required to do so, consider adapting this practice to avoid any complications whatsoever.