It does seem to focus well and has as much actual resolution as the Nikon No sharpening applied here. I’ll cover its features in detail further on, but thought it worth calling attention to a few of the Dimage Scan Elite II’s key features at the top of the review. Using templates, you can do Minox, 16mm, , , , , and a pretty long strip of 58mm of anything bigger than that. If you plan to manipulate the scanned images much on the computer, you’re better off leaving the unsharp masking alone until you’re done with your retouching. Scanning resolution can be as high as 2, dpi, with an RGB trilinear CCD element that slides across the film in one pass.

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They made somewhat of a slow start in digital photography, although their scanner line has shown good performance and value for the dollar.

Optical Density is 4. Three eyedropper tools let you set black, fimage, and white points by clicking on the eyedropper and then clicking on a specific portion of the image.

Whether you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. What’s left would be much easier to deal with manually, in a program such as Photoshop tm or PhotoPaint tmthough. Scanning resolution can be as high as 2, dpi, with an RGB trilinear CCD element that slides across the film in one pass.

Amending the above standard boilerplate paragraph, this particular scan appears to have PPI or better of actual information. These are very useful features, in that I’ve sometimes seen scanner autofocus systems outfoxed by low-contrast, or poorly-focused originals. With no dumage rescanning in between, a really excellent feature.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Film Scanners

For some tough pieces of film, I found the histogram best for making the gross adjustments, and the curves tool better for fine tweaks in specific tonal ranges.

I would recommend the Scan Elite II highly. rimage

The Dimage Minoltq Multi Pro’s 35mm film holder had little lips to catch one edge of the film, which largely eliminated this problem. The top pressure plate hooks into the bottom tray, then closes back down and latches, clamping the film flat.

There are no comments here! I’ll probably switch to Plustek when these eventually fail, instead of going the used route, though.

Unfortunately, I know very little about the Scan Elite II, though it does look to be a very nice scanner provided it’s still in full working order.

If you’re interested in stills and video, though, it’s knockout. I would have thought Noritsu would do a better job.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

If you do go that route, I’d recommend getting a card with a TI chipset. Condenser optics tend to produce more contrasty images, but at the cost of greatly enhanced film grain, while diffusion enlargers create a softer look. Along the top of the screen are several control buttons and pulldown menus, while the bottom of the screen is divided into a preview area and utility window. Normally, the scanner’s autofocus system looks at the center of the frame to perform its focus adjustments.

Is it a big difference between Minolta Dimage Elite II and Elite 5400 scanners?

The apparent Dmax seems much lower than the Nikon In my tests, the DSEII delivered about the highest resolution I’ve yet seen from a scanner in its general resolution category dpi units.

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You can select an individual image for scanning by clicking on it, which highlights the frame with a black border. For instance, if you’re wanting to double-check a particularly severe tonal or color correction.

The buttons across the iu of the preview area again change, and from right to left perform the following functions:. A particular strength of the Dimage software is the extent to which it provides powerful controls for experienced users, while at the same time offering a simple interface for novices. Mac OS versions 8. However, you have to scan at PPI to get the There is a lot of information and opinions about superb performance of Elitebut only a few posts, which Dimagr found about Elite 2 scanner.

For the price I don’t think you can beat the Pacific Image Primefilm range of scanners as long as you don’t need to scan anything larger than 35mm. The scanner is an Epson V In each case, a number of small thumbnails appear onscreen, with the central image showing the effect of any currently-selected image adjustments, and the surrounding thumbnails showing a range of possible adjustments. It does seem to focus well and has as much actual resolution as the Nikon