External devices that add Ethernet capabilities to lap-tops undesirably add size and weight to the overall system. Apparatus and method for connecting a cellular telephone to a universal serial bus. The cable assembly 14 includes a first connector 22 , a second connector 24 , and a cable 26 extending between the two connectors. Data stored therein can be erased by exposure to Ultraviolet UV light. An object of the present invention is to provide an improved technique for effecting digital communications between digital devices and systems using different communication protocols. The product has been added to the shopping cart.

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Data stored therein can be erased by exposure to Ultraviolet UV light. For example, Ethernet is a common communication protocol used in many local area networks. As in the previous embodimentthe USB controller comprises a bit e. Therefore, according to a first aspect of the invention, a technique is provided for combining one or more industry standard function s along with a user-programmable section.

Wireless personal local area network utilizing removable radio frequency modules with digital interfaces and idle sense communication protocol. An electronic system, according to claim 11wherein:.

Installing the Plugable USB to RS DB9 Serial Adapter on Windows 7 – Plugable

An electronic system, according to claim 7wherein:. Works great, no problems, very happy with my purchase and planning to buy more. According to the invention, a technique is provided for interfacing signals to and from devices employing disparate industry standard function.


Method for communicating digital information using LVDS and synchronous clock signals. Windows vista bit driver.

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Work Great Easy Installation. Windows XP drivers and documentation. The overall purpose of such a single IC chip having this interface capability is to simplify the development of a USB-to-Ethernet function. Please click on the links below to find drivers and documentation for your specific operating system. Further, most of ub devices require either a relatively large connector such as Centronics connectoror a bulky dongle, to house the translation circuitry.

Reduced Instruction Set Computer or Chip. The driver portion of ro transceiver is preferably differential, and the receiver portion preferably comprises a differential receiver and two single-ended receivers.

Login or create an account to post a review. A pulse width modulation PWM interface output channel is provided which may, for example, have four channels, each of the four channels capable of converting 10 bits at up to 48 KHz. Adzpter USB serial adapter easily adds a serial COM port to your desktop or laptop, for general office, commercial and industrial use. Useful optional accessories not included. These signals are function inputs to the SIE to control the state transitions of the SIE state machine based on the following variables:.


System and method for identifying and transferring serial data to a programmable logic device.

Plug-in communication module and method for communicating using a plug-in communication module. Year of fee payment: If an external clock e. A universal serial bus USB controller, according to claim 14wherein:. It should be noted that the circuitry of network sserial 16 or 20 can be integrated into the electronics of the apparatus 10 or 12respectively.

USB to Serial Adapter cable, Windows 10 | U.S. Converters™

Apparatus us.patent actuating a control element for a heating or air-conditioning system in a motor vehicle. The MAC supports full duplex operation at 10M bit data rates. Serial to Ethernet Converters. Usb Universal Serial Bus.

USB Serial Adapter – Ultimate

What is needed is a small device to interface between portable eerial systems, and to connect portable computing systems to networks. This USB serial adapter is suitable for most applications, including industrial, commercial and any general office computer device.

For example, the element may be similar in many respects to the element in another figure.